Why Opener?

I’m awful at New Years Resolutions; everyone is. It’s a ritual at the tail-end of each year. Halfheartedly or not, everyone does it. At the close of 2014, I made three; I decided they would be achievable, add value to my life and I could stick to them. The first ‘Eat Better Food’ (waxes, wanes and hasn’t been regular yet), the second ‘Do More Exercise’ (was less successful than the first, I’ll be honest). The third was ‘Read More Comic Books’. This has been going well.

Ten months in, I’ve read a pile almost my height, attended my first comic book convention, re-purposed some abandoned shelving and even bought badges. I’m in deep.

Five things I realized in January 2015:

  1. There are a LOT of comics to read; Where do you start?
  2. How can you tell good from bad? when you’re beginning from a standing start?
  3. Should I buy comics by issue? buy digitally? subscribe to a digital service (e.g Marvel Unlimited) or physical (paper) collections as TPs?
  4. What if I read something that is a ‘classic’ but I hated? Was I reading it wrong?
  5. Did I have the mental toolkit to appreciate comics?

As the experiment continues; I felt the need for a notebook (of sorts) to analyse and refine my thinking. It makes sense for me to do it in public.

Why Opener? Reading Dr. Seuss to my daughters a few nights ago; a page in ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ stopped me in my tracks with the line:

It’s opener there in the wide open air.

Like that; the blog was named. A serendipitous quote in a book from a child’s author (this is a lie of course) I fell in love with 15 years ago. I urge you to go read it or re-read, It’s a stirring call to arms for new adventures.

This is my new adventure. Thanks for coming along.


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